Argentine Tango

Brian has been dancing Argentine tango, both in the U.S. and in Spain, for over 15 years.

He teaches traditional Argentine tango at his home studio in Colorado Springs.


the Dance

Tango is all the embrace.  The dancers lean into each other, sharing one point of balance.   Every step is a leap and a commitment to a new point.

Because tango is not tied to the beat of the music, because it is not tied to patterns, the follower must wait, poised, for every step.

Gosh but it’s awkward writing about dance.  Better you should see for yourself, so check out the minor motion picture.  The fetching creature in red is Anna, my partner for all time.

We dance Argentine tango to a lot of non-tango music.  Blues, rock, classical, bebop.  We stretch the rules in a lot of ways, and sometimes we even break them.  

Rule duly broken, we go right back to basics: straightness, balance, total commitment.

Tango Deliverance: the Movie

Long about the time that Anna began to feel she had this dance down, she decided that Brian should write a movie.  Write, produce, scout locations for, direct, and dance in.  Anna dances too, of course, and did all the editing.