jump starting this blog: with photos

Okay so let’s liven things up a little.

Yes, my poet here.   I am well aware he has been dreadfully AWOL from this blog for quite some long time now.  After all, I’ve kept it running, haven’t I?  A muse is supposed to inspire but perhaps I may have also been a little bit of a distraction.  Not that he’s complaining, mind you.  Lots of things happened, adventures too. 

So what, you ask, is Brian up to now?  Well, would you believe he’s a Pastry Chef  these day?  

Yeah, totally wasn’t expecting that myself either.   But then every day with Brian is always so good, so just-right sweet I really should not have been surprised.

So these days now the poet’s busy baking and teaching all day long and making music in the evenings, all but forgotten about his blog here.  So what a girl’s to do?  Hmm…  How long before you think he’ll even notice??

Since he’s got quite a bit on his plate these days, I suppose it might be a while.   Meanwhile I see no harm in posting a couple photos or two.  After all: novelist, chef, ah, what’s the difference?

Do enjoy these photos of of Chef Brian’s pastries from a 2018 event show. 

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